ÖKL/Elit 7-8/9

Datum: Lördag-söndag 7-8/9
Instruktör: Oliver Kiraly
Hemsida: www.kingsdale.hu
Kurstid: ca. kl. 09:00 – 16:00
Antal hundar: Max 8
Pris: 3200:-
Gör din anmälan HÄR.
Möjlighet till boende och mat finns att beställa och du bor och äter då här på vår gård där kursen hålls.
Anmälningsförmulär till boende och mat skickas separat ca en månad innan kurs.

My name is Oliver Kiraly I live in Jasd, Hungary with my wife, Veronika and with our two children, Benjamin and Magdalena. I work full-time as a professional retriever trainer, beside the trainings, we run a small boarding kennel and distributing an English dog-food brand (Chudleys). In 2015 I started breeding under the “Kingsdale Meadow” prefix.


At the moment I have 7 dogs (one golden, five Labadors and a boarder collie). I run tests, trials and during the shooting season I go for picking up whenever I can. Most of the year I’m travelling around Europe and giving training seminars for retriever enthousiasts. During the Spring and Fall, groups are coming to my ground for training holidays.


I judged tests and trials in almost every European countries, but the highlight was judging the prestigious Skinners World Cup in England. I was a founder of the Hungarian Working Retriever Club and the FT-WT secretary for the Hungarian Golden Retriever Club (GRK). I represented Hungary several times in big international events, such as the IWT or the Skinners World Cup.


At the end of 2017 I released my first book, “The Balance”. It’s a retriever training book that I hope will be a good help for the serious amateur trainers.