Prova på Mocktrial 28/6 Tomi Sarkkinen

Datum: Fredag den 28/6
Instruktör: Tomi Sarkkinen, Finland
Kurstid: ca. kl. 09:00-16:00
Antal hundar: Max 10
Pris: 1250 kr
Kursinnehåll: För dig som vill prova på och veta mer om Mocktrial (fingerad jaktdag). Vi kommer gå igenom hur ett Mocktrial går till, diskuterar apporterna och samtidigt tränar på det som behövs.
Din hund bör vara tyst och stadig.
Presentation: I got my first labrador year 2000. I am a serious hunter and I wanted a dog that can pick up game.
My first dog breeder Maija Lappalainen (Kennel Jummi-Jammin) made me interested about competing with dogs.
Of course I had done some mistakes with my first dog and decided take a new puppy from same breeder year 2003.
That dog FI & SE KVA Jummi-Jammin Frankenstein taught me a lot and I made great results with him in cold game tests.
Next puppy I got year 2006 FI & SE KVA Jummi-Jammin Nefernefernefer. I got her very soon cold game test champion in Finland and Sweden.
I was little bit unlucky with her because her elbows got broken when she was only four years old.
Same time (year 2007) when I trained her I got new puppy from Hungary.
CIT FI & SE & NO KVA FI & SE KVA-FT Blackthorn Bion has been a perfect dog for me. I have won with him a lot of trials and working tests.
He has also won Finnish Labrador championship 2009, Swedish retriever championship year 2012 and 2014
and he has elected best hunting Labrador of the year four times in a row.
Now I am competing with Wijmas Mumin who is three years old and has won already some field trials.
I started to breed Labradors year 2012 with kennel name NO MORE. At this moment I have four dogs in training and of course I also hunt a lot with them.
I have been professional gundog trainer for retrievers since 2013 when I started my own company called Koirapalvelu Tomi Sarkkinen.
Working with different dogs and races has made me better trainer.
I am now ability test, working test  and field trial judge. I love to watch dogs which can work in a good relationship with handler and can still work independently.
We don’t need a dog to pick up that bird which we can pick up ourselves – we need a dog if the game is missing!

Thank you for inviting me and looking forward to see you all!
Tomi Sarkkinen

Tomi Sarkkinen
Tomi Sarkkinen